9 Facts That Can Make or Break Your Firm’s Future

Grow your practiceThe rules of engagement for business are changing. Today’s world is complex, evolving, extremely high-tech, and fast. Whether you’re a small, one-person shop or a partner at a large or global firm, you’re probably aware that your most valuable current (and potential) clients are unwittingly converting business as we knew it into business-on-the-fly. And they’re bringing new methods that can also prove beneficial to the CPA.

Our societal landscape is significantly different than it was just a decade ago. There are new faces, new modes of interacting, and technology has inarguably and almost completely taken over. Is there a way to sustain and strengthen your practice in this ever-evolving world? Absolutely. In fact, now is an incredibly opportune time for your firm, especially considering the statistics.

In my presentations, I often share knowledge and new data to illustrate the many ways our communities are becoming increasingly diverse and more high-tech. Here are 9 things to know about today’s decision-makers:

These insights into today’s population, and the diversity of thought, perspective and worldview that literally lives right next door, can hopefully provide insight into who your customers are, who they can be, and how to adjust your practice accordingly. This is a dynamic and transformational time, with new avenues to help sustain and strengthen your practice. Opportunities are virtually limitless.

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Tariq Khan, founder and CEO of Global Diversity Marketing, is a recognized business leader in marketing, branding, innovation, digital marketing, social media, and diversity. He serves on several boards of directors, is a sought-after keynote speaker, and also teaches marketing, public relations and leadership as an adjunct professor at New York University graduate school.

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Source: AICPA